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Application for Fall 2017 Certificate Program

The certificate is designed as additional training for counseling professionals who are licensed, are license eligible or who have completed their coursework to become license eligible.   Types of professionals for whom this program applies include:

·    Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC)
·    Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT)
·    Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)
•    Clinical and Counseling Psychologists 

Under specific circumstances, prospective medical and mental health professionals, who are not yet licensed, may apply if they have completed the great majority of their coursework and have secured a traineeship or internship for gaining training hours of counseling and psychotherapy and have plans to complete their coursework in parallel. 

We especially encourage applications from individuals within the above list who: are military veterans; identify as people of color; identify as LGBTQQAI, and/or serve marginalized or under-represented populations.

Application Materials

A completed application consists of the deposit and the following materials:

1) Certificate Application Form - Please complete and submit this application form with your other documents: Certificate Application Form.

2) Background and Goal Statement - In 2-3 pages, please describe your background and interest in this certificate in the following areas. Tell us anything pertinent regarding your personal development, professional experience, professional license(s) held and/or the stage you are in with regard to your clinical licensure, training or internship. Include descriptions of your training in psychotherapy, sexuality or related areas. Share how you learned didactically and where you practiced these skills and knowledge sets.  

In addition, your goals are important to us. Please share with us what you hope to do with this certificate in your work or in the world.  Make sure to consider both the concrete ways you might use this training for career advancement but also the larger intentions or purpose this might fulfill.

3) Resume or Curriculum Vitae - Include a short resume or CV that outlines the history of your higher education, practica, internships, residencies, licenses, research, work in service to communities, teaching, and fieldwork.


The deadline to turn in your application materials and deposit payment is Tuesday, August 15th, 2017. Application materials should be submitted as PDF or Word files. Applications will not be considered without deposit.

Click here for complete information on the Fall 2017 program. Click here to submit your deposit. 

Early Application Discounts: $200 off before June 15, 2017, $100 off before July 15, 2017

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